Mr. Fill the smart waste solution

No litter and less costs

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THE perfect smart waste solution for every smart city

No litter, less CO2 and lower costs. That is Mr. Fill’s mission. We do this with a smart solar compacting bin, a smart underground compactor and a smart sensor. All of our products communicate with the Smart City Manager, a platform for every smart city.

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Found in the biggest cities

With more than 10,000 products on the market and operating in more than 30 countries, we are well on our way to conquering the world with our smart waste solutions. Curious what our customers have to say about us?

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Why Mr. Fill?

The strongest on the market

  • A complete waste solution
  • In-house development and production
  • More than 10.000 products on the market
  • Partners in 30 countries
  • Excellent references
  • Large service network

No litter

  • Inaccessible to vermin
  • Closed stainless steel inlet valve
  • Thanks to communication with our platform, the bin is emptied in a timely fashion
  • Automatic remote cover locking when the bin is detected as full

Enormous savings

  • Thanks to the compactor, the waste can be compacted to one fifth of its size
  • Remote cover locking
  • An efficient route can be mapped out via our platform. This results in 75% savings on waste collection costs

Super smart

  • Above-ground solar compacting bins in two sizes: 120L and 240L
  • Operates on solar energy
  • Compactors in both new and existing underground bins
  • Smart fill level sensor
  • All of our products are connected to our ’Smart City Manager’
  • Precise overview of all data

Smart City Manager

The Smart City Manager is a management and monitoring system that logs the status and usage data of our products and keeps your employees up to date with this information. If the container needs to be emptied, the Smart City Manager promptly sends a notification to your PC, tablet or smartphone, via app or email.

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The world never stands still, neither does Mr. Fill’s team. Follow the latest developments in smart waste solutions here.