Solar compacting bin

No litter and less costs

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Three sizes

The solar compacting bin is manufactured in three sizes, 120L, 240L and 360L. The 120L has two different variants: the standard 120L and the 120Ls. The 120Ls is an even smaller size, but with the same volume capacity. The bin is made with 2 mm high-quality steel with a powder coating containing extremely high-quality iron. The solar compacting bin can be produced in every color. The entire production — from A to Z — occurs in-house.

5 to 7 times as much capacity

The bin has a compacting force of 600 kg. Regardless of the type of waste, this can achieve a compaction ratio ranging from one fifth to one seventh of its size.

The best possible solar yield

The solar panel is placed at an angle of 11 degrees for the best solar harvest. This also prevents waste from being placed on top of the solar compacting bin. The polycarbonate protection plate ensures that the solar panel is vandal-resistant while also preventing the solar panel’s discoloration.

Sturdy stainless steel bin cover

The cover is made of type 316 stainless steel, which is resistant to all types of weather conditions and waste acids. In contrast to a hopper, the lid doesn’t get jammed by the direct flow of waste into the bin. In order to prevent litter and overflow, the cover is automatically locked when the bin is detected as full. The bin can also be locked via the platform, which is handy on events such as New Year’s Eve.

Personalised display

A personalised display that encourages the public to throw their rubbish in the bin. It can also indicate the bin’s fill level and even show the city’s logo. Equipped with 24/7 LED lighting, the bins are easily noticeable in the dark.

Galvanised foot pedal

The heavy-duty foot pedal is the best option for public spaces. It allows the user to easily open the solar compacting bin to dispose of waste without having to touch the cover with their hands. The cover closes automatically.

Integrated ashtray

The integrated ashtray prevents fire hazards by collecting cigarette butts separately. The ashtray is flush with the door, which prevents water from running inside. The removable compartment on the inside ensures easy cleaning.

Sound module

Motivate the public to throw waste away. The waste bin optionally has the possibility to enter a standard or personalized text to thank the public in a unique way for depositing the waste in the waste bin.

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Smart City Manager

The Smart City Manager is a management and monitoring system that logs the status and usage data of our products and keeps your employees up to date with this information. If the container needs to be emptied, the Smart City manager promptly sends a notification to your PC, tablet or smartphone, via app or email.

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Tight budget? Lease a Mr. Fill

Smart City Lease is a leasing company specialised in making things easier for businesses and municipalities by offering lease contracts for our waste bins. A Smart City Lease can be arranged starting at €150 per waste bin per month. This covers the Smart City Manager and all of your worries are completely taken care of.

The advantages of Smart City Lease

  • Pay a fixed monthly amount that covers all costs
  • No big investment up front - costs are spread out
  • The waste bins are not included in the cost balance
  • Connected to Smart City Manager
  • Includes maintenance and damage costs
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