Successful pilot in Maassluis

After a successful pilot in June, four 240L solar compacting bins will be placed in Maassluis early next year. The municipality of Maassluis was informed about the solar compacting bins via a contact person from the municipality of Purmerend. After an introductory talk, the municipality of Maassluis was immediately enthusiastic and wanted to start a pilot (test) period as soon as possible.

The municipality of Maassluis has chosen to test four 240L solar compacting bins with a foundation plate. Specially for the foundation slab was chosen in order to be able to test the waste bin in several places. After a period of 3 months of testing, the municipality has decided to buy four solar compacting bins. The decisive reasons were the efficiency and the quality of the product. In the beginning of 2021 the waste bins will be in full operation in the municipality of Maassluis.

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