Veldhoven Embraces GFT-e Waste Collection with Smart Fill Organic Bins

Veldhoven has taken a proactive approach to the upcoming mandatory GFT-e waste collection in 2024. GFT-e refers to Groente-, Fruit- en Tuin (vegetable, fruit, and garden) waste along with eetresten (food scraps), which is the most significant component of household waste, accounting for 1,675 kilotons annually (Waste Monitor 2020). In recognition of this, the municipality has installed four Smart Fill Organic waste bins to provide a convenient solution for residents, particularly near high-rise buildings where GFT-e collection points were previously absent.

These Smart Fill Organic bins are packed with innovative features, making them an intelligent solution for GFT-e waste collection. They use active solar-powered ventilation to keep the waste odorless and pest-free until collection. The bins also boast a sleek design with a large 240L capacity, combining functionality with aesthetics. Additionally, optional innovative features such as Sensor Fill technology and access control can be added to enhance convenience and functionality further.

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GFT-e collection points Velhoven

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