What is smart waste management?

As the human population keeps growing, so does their collective creation of increasingly large amounts of trash and litter. Cities, countries and municipalities are all trying to keep up with this, but are having a hard time. This is one of the reasons why there is a so called ‘’plastic soup’’ floating in the oceans and why microplastic killing thousands of animals every year. So, what can be done? Smart waste management is an important part of the solution and in this article we will tell you more about that.  

The current situation 

So, smart waste management is a part of the solution. But, for what specific part of the problem? Well, as said, there is an increasingly large amount of trash and litter that we as a population create every day. We throw this away at home or wherever we are, usually in trash cans either inside or out on the street. But, where do people leave their litter when they aren’t home and the trash cans on the street are full? You guessed it, on the street itself. Municipalities have a hard time keeping up with these outdoor bins, because it is very difficult to figure out when to empty them or whether they are full or not at all.  

A better way: smart waste management 

A much better way would be to use smart waste management. You might not be familiar with the term, but it is really similar to what it says on the box. Smart waste management is characterized by the usage of technology in order to be more efficient when it comes to managing waste. This makes it possible to plan more efficient routes for the trash collectors who empty the bins, but also lowers the chance of any bin being full for over a week! 

How does smart waste management work?  

A very good question! When it comes to the way this actually works, there are usually two technological parts that work together in order to improve the smart waste management. The first one is physical in nature. Microchips are used to measure all kinds of data, like the times at which the bin receives the most trash as well as how full the bin is.

The second piece is a central software system. All the data that the bin collects is sent here so that it can be used to the advantage of the waste management. When a bin is full, for instance, it will be automatically placed on the route. This way, the pickup service can easily drive the most efficient route. They don’t have to check on bins that are not full yet and can empty the ones that are straight away. This reduced the chances of any excess litter being dropped on the street, as well as the amount of green house gasses the trucks produce. 

The connected system 

The software system used to measure and control the smart waste management process is also very useful for municipalities. Because the system registers and records so much useful data, they can use this knowledge to improve other processes and policies as well!  

The smart bins by Mr. Fill 

If you are looking for a good option when it comes to smart bins for your smart waste management system, the ones by Mr. Fill are always a safe choice. We would gladly tell you all about the many functionalities and useful design features. If that is something of interest to you, don’t hesitate to contact us and request more information. We will gladly help you find out all there is to know about smart waste management and smart waste solutions

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