Mr. Fill conquers Antwerp with a unique message

The first 8 of a total of 70 240L solar compacting bins have been successfully installed in Antwerp. In addition to these 70 smart waste bins, there are already 30 120L solar compacting bins in the city. One of the first acts of the brand new alderman for City and Neighbourhood Maintenance, Els van Doesburg, is to present Mr. Fill on the Theaterplein in Antwerp. These bins contain a unique message from actor Axel Daeseleire. He thanks the people in juicy Antwerp for their contribution to cleaner streets! “And it’s a green product too because it runs on solar energy and is made of sustainable materials,” says van Doesburg.

Read the article and watch the video of Mr. Fill in Antwerp via the following link (BE, NL):

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