More rubbish than ever on the beaches last summer

Thanks to Covid-19, beaches have been especially busy this year. Several news features showed that the beaches were not only full of day trippers, but also cans, cigarette butts, plastic and other litter. With the nice weather and the fact that many people holidayed in their own country, the beaches were heavily visited. This resulted in more waste on the beach.

But thanks to Mr. Fill, the Zandvoort beach remained clean!

Back in 2015, the town of Zandvoort launched a test of four Mr. Fill smart waste bins. After a successful test, they have placed several orders over the years. The latest 240L waste bins by Mr. Fill are a helpful addition and have been immensely valuable during the this year’s health crisis, according to Roel Deesker, Project Officer with the operations service Spaarnelanden, speaking on behalf of the Town of Zandvoort. Through strategic placement and the advantage of additional capacity, less waste bins were necessary in public spaces. Because of this, there was also savings in the number of hours spent emptying bins. Curious about what Mr. Fill could mean for you?

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