Underground compactor

No litter and less costs

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Due to a modular design, the underground compactor can be used in any new and existing underground container. This makes the underground compactor unique in the market. Every municipality has the possibility to upgrade the existing underground containers and bring more waste capacity to the municipality without a major investment. The underground compactor runs on 230V and has been developed with a wireless charging system so you can empty your waste carefree.

Efficient & powerful

Four times as much garbage or eight times as much plastic in a standard container that is no problem for the Heavy Harry. Due to the unique patented drive, the Heavy Harry can achieve a pressing force of 3.5 tons. The Heavy Harry is available in three different pressing force versions, varying from 2200 kg to 3500 kg.


The underground compactor is cleverly designed. Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, the system knows exactly the filling percentage. This allows you to remotely see, among other things, how many kilograms are in the underground container. With this data, which can be viewed via our smart platform ‘Smart City Manager’, you can empty the container when it is actually needed. This saves you money and reduces C02 emissions.


The underground compactor has been developed according to the highest requirements of the machine guidelines. The compactor is equipped with a smart patented fall protection. This allows a living creature to be detected when it falls into the container. If a living creature is detected, the system goes into a safe mode, to prevent a life-threatening situation with regard to the press module.


The Heavy Harry has a patented drive. Because of this technique and the use of A-quality parts, the Heavy Harry is low-maintenance.

Careless emptying

The Heavy Harry is standard equipped with a wireless charging system. This is a charging system in which the Heavy Harry is charged without plugs. The wireless charging system easily bridges the distance between the pit and container. This results in convenience during emptying, because vulnerable cables and plugs do not have to be taken into account.

Smart City Manager

The Smart City Manager is a management and monitoring system that logs the status and usage data of our products and keeps your employees up to date with this information. If the container needs to be emptied, the Smart City manager promptly sends a notification to your PC, tablet or smartphone, via app or email.

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With more than 10,000 products on the market and operating in more than 30 countries, we are well on our way to conquering the world with our smart waste solutions. Curious what our customers have to say about us?

Tight budget? Lease a Mr. Fill

Smart City Lease is a leasing company specialised in making things easier for businesses and municipalities by offering lease contracts for our waste bins. A Smart City Lease can be arranged starting at €150 per waste bin per month. This covers the Smart City Manager and all of your worries are completely taken care of.

The advantages of Smart City Lease

  • Pay a fixed monthly amount that covers all costs
  • No big investment up front - costs are spread out
  • The waste bins are not included in the cost balance
  • Connected to Smart City Manager
  • Includes maintenance and damage costs
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