How to prevent an explosive increase in overflows

For many towns and cities, it’s an all too familiar problem: underground waste containers overflowing with rubbish. But with Covid-19, which has already swept through our lives for nearly a year, many people are forced to work from home. Spending the majority of their time in their houses, people are producing more home waste. This means that the amount of overflow has explosively increased.

Underground compactors for preventing overflow

This is precisely what our newest family member, Heavy Harry, was developed for. Heavy Harry is a compactor that was designed for underground waste containers. Not only can it be placed in new underground waste container, the compactor can also be seamlessly installed in all existing underground waste containers. With Heavy Harry, a container can store four times as much residual waste and get rid of up to eight times more plastic than a conventional container. The result:

  • Less emptying costs thanks to compacting to a quarter of its size.
  • Good for CO2 reduction
  • No overflow

With this product, we are unique in the market in that the existing underground waste containers can be upgraded, which costs less than having them replaced.

For many municipalities and inhabitants, overflowing bins are a real eyesore, but with Heavy Harry they are a thing of the past.

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