Sunny days cause more litter in Dutch parks

It was the warmest March 31st ever in the Netherlands, so it is not surprising that people came to the park. Not only did it create large crowds, but also a considerable amount of litter was left behind in several places. A big thorn in the side of municipalities and volunteers who collect litter. There are sometimes up to sixty! litter bins in various parks and often extra bins are added in the summer. Often extra bags are hung up and extra people are deployed to clean up everything.

All these costs are additional expenses for municipalities. Mr. Fill offers the solution to these problems with its smart waste solutions such as the Ultra Fill 120L and 240L

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is VM19928-scaled.jpg

5 to 7 times more capacity

The waste bins from Mr. Fill have a press with a compression of 600KG. Depending on the type of waste, a compression of 1:5 to 1:7 is possible. This ensures that fewer waste bins are needed in the public area. The solar compacting waste bins can be placed on every public space for waste collection in a sustainable way, because they work on solar energy! With this, municipalities can save on waste collection costs and reduce litter, also in parks.

Management and monitoring system

One of the biggest advantages of Mr. Fill is the Smart Waste Manager. With the Smart Waste Manager, the status and usage data of the waste bin is registered and the employees are informed on a daily basis. It is a management and monitoring system that notifies when a bin is full, is visible through the app that you always have access to and communicates 24 times a day. The municipality can configure the app to their liking so that you are always aware of the latest updates per bin. This is of course a very desirable feature for seasonal waste problems such as in parks.

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