Underground compactors on their way to Northern Europe

Several Heavy Harry’s, Mr. Fill’s underground compactor module, are on their way to Northern Europe to make cities there even smarter. Due to its modular design, the underground compactor module can be installed in any new and existing underground container. This makes the underground compactor module unique in the market. These containers were delivered from Northern Europe and have been inserted into existing containers that came from the field.

The upgrade of the underground container was necessary due to the large increase in residual waste. Four times as much residual waste or eight times as much plastic in a standard container, that’s no problem for the Heavy Harry. The unique patented drive system allows the Heavy Harry to achieve a pressing force of 3.5 tons. This extra space in the container is very welcome!

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Heavy-Harry-render-2-17-12-2020-jpeg.jpg

As the demand for underground containers increases, it comes at the expense of public space. Another problem that many cities suffer from is the so-called ‘spaghetti soil’. Many cables and pipes are not registered, which means that new placements experience a lot of hindrance. The Heavy Harry fits any brand of underground container because of its modular shape. Upgrading a container with a Heavy Harry ensures that all these problems are eliminated!

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