McDonald’s and Municipality Join Forces for Less Litter

Thanks to a successful collaboration between McDonald’s and the Municipality of Alkmaar, a smart solution has been developed to address the growing issue of litter in the region. Peter van der Haagen, the HR manager of seven McDonald’s restaurants in Northern Holland, shares his experience on how the integration of Mr. Fill’s innovative technology helped to reduce overflowing bins and maintain a clean environment around McDonald’s Alkmaar West

Taking responsibility for the environment

Managing seven busy McDonald’s restaurants in North Holland with over 700 employees poses challenges for HR Manager Peter van der Haagen, who must balance operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. He emphasizes: “We feel responsible for the waste problem in our region, and we want to collaborate to keep it clean and tidy here.”

Synergy reduces litter

In order to tackle the problem of litter, McDonald’s Alkmaar West, the Municipality of Alkmaar, and local businesses have collaborated to form a partnership. They are working together to implement waste management measures to keep the area free of litter. As a result, there has been a noticeable improvement. Regular inspections measure the amount of litter per square meter, and the results are positive. Van der Haagen states that together with the Municipality of Alkmaar, they have achieved positive results and are determined to maintain the momentum, with a clear improvement in the amount of litter.

Smart waste collection and management

One of the most impactful contributions to the success story is the smart waste solution provided by Mr. Fill. The Municipality of Alkmaar is so pleased with the results that they are considering deploying this technology to more locations.

At McDonald’s Alkmaar West parking lot, litter was a significant challenge due to the high number of weekly guests and visitors to surrounding sports facilities who park there. The old waste bins had to be emptied 4 to 5 times a day, but the new self-compacting outdoor garbage bins from Mr. Fill have a self-compacting system, reducing the need for emptying up to 7 times. “These waste bins have between 5 and 7 times more capacity, thanks to the self-compacting function,” explains Van der Haagen. “Moreover, we are notified via the waste management app when the bins are full, allowing us to plan emptying efficiently. This means our employees don’t have to go outside as often, saving time and increasing safety, especially in the evening.”

Innovative add-ons for extra encouragement

The smart waste management system can be improved with additional features, such as a sound module that plays unique or typical phrases to encourage people to deposit waste in the bins. Furthermore, it’s possible to display the company’s logo on the LED screen, which can help with branding while also serving a functional purpose.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Alkmaar, McDonald’s Alkmaar has not only taken steps to reduce waste but has also set an example for other businesses and municipalities striving for sustainable solutions. Introducing innovative technologies and customized solutions in waste management promises a promising future where environmental awareness and efficiency go hand in hand.

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