We are nominated for the KVK Innovation Top 100 (2020)

On November 26th the KVK announced 100 companies who won a place in the 15th edition of the KVK Innovation top 100. Mr. Fill is one of the nominees!

With our newest family member, the underground compactor named Heavy Harry, we are nominated as one of the 100 most innovative Dutch companies! We have been nominated for both the jury award and the public award. For the audience award we need your vote! You can vote via this link: https://www.stemvoorinnovatie.nl/?elected@vote=452774

The website is in Dutch, but we would appreciate it if you still want to make the effort to vote. Below we explain in a few steps how to do so: 

1. Click on the link above
2. Enter your first name and email address.
3. Accept the first two bullet points
4. You will receive a message in your mailbox (please check your spam folder also) and click on the green button to confirm your vote.

Voted? Go to our LinkedIn or Facebook page, check the post about the audience prize and win a city trip to one of the Mr. Fill cities: Amsterdam, Brussels or Hamburg!

The results for both prizes will be announced on the 21st of January. Voting for the public prize is possible until the 15th of January.

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