Mr. Fill on Dutch TV show How it’s done!

On the sixth of June, our selfpressing waste bins appeared on Dutch television during an episode of the RTL Z channels’ show How it’s Done. Earlier, our solar-powered waste management solution already appeared on the RTL 7 show ‘Ondernemend Nederland’ and now once more there was attention for our smart waste bins. You can watch the episode by clicking the link below!

These are the benefits

Many of the benefits of our smart waste bin are presented during the show. We have listed them below so you can read through them at your own pace.

✔️ Up to 5 times more waste thanks to press

Municipalities and cities have increasingly lower costs because the bin can handle up to five times more waste before it needs to be emptied. All of this thanks to our unique pressing system.

✔️ Self-sufficient because of the solar panel

Mr. Fill’s smart waste bin is completely self-sufficient because of the solar panel, making it very environmentally friendly.

✔️ Sensor for the degree of filling

There is a sensor in the bin which measures the degree to which it is filled. This information is accessible from a distance. By constantly measuring this data, the most efficient route for waste collection can be calculated. This means fewer rides and thus less carbon emissions, but still keeping the bins empty and available as needed.

✔️ No opportunities for vermin

The bins are entirely sealed off to vermin and birds alike, making it impossible for these creatures to cause any nuisance to the users of the bins.

✔️ Hands-free waste disposal

Thanks to the useful foot pedal, people don’t have to touch the waste bin with their hands. This is great for hygiene and makes throwing away any litter extra easy.

✔️ A contribution to sustainability

Less carbon emissions, fewer garbage trucks in town and less inconvenience in general: all of this thanks to the smart functions of Mr. Fill’s waste bins.

✔️ The option to lock the bin from a distance

Our garbage bins can be locked from a distance for special occasions like New Year’s Eve, making the process of locking them up trivial.

Do you want to know more about our smart waste solutions?

Would you like to learn more about our smart waste solutions, how they function and what this can mean for public spaces? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly tell you all about it!

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