Municipality Zandvoort

“In 2015, the Town of Zandvoort launched a test of 4 Mr. Fill solar compacting bins. The test went well and was quickly followed by an order. There are currently about 80 solar compacting bins in Zandvoort. Now what is it that Mr. Fill did differently that led to these good results? What really stood out for us was that fewer waste bins had to be placed in public spaces. There was more capacity available per waste bin and no more litter in public spaces. We didn’t keep track of any cost saving figures, but in every week during the summer we spent up to 20 hours less time emptying bins. We didn’t count the hours we saved in sweeping and cleaning up litter in public spaces. Mr. Fill’s 240 litre waste bin has been highly valuable during the time of coronavirus. We placed them high-traffic areas and demonstrated their value. The volume doubled again, primarily because restaurants and outdoor cafés had to offer takeaway services. This led to more plastic and cardboard waste in public facilities. So when it came to compacting the waste, Mr. Fill’s compactor had to deal with a volume that had quadrupled.”

Roel Deesker, Senior Employee, Zandvoort Unit.