Smart waste bin installation in Roosendaal, just in time for carnival!

Just before the streets of Roosendaal are full of carnival revellers, we provided the municipality with a new delivery of the Ultra Fill 120Little. The city was struggling with a lot of litter on the streets near the eateries and many to-go shops. W ell, Mr. Fill is always in for a tasty snack! 

 The municipality of Roosendaal chose the Ultra Fill 120Little because of the smart character of the bin. In fact, the Ultra Fill keeps 24/7 track of how full the bin is, which gives users the ability to plan emptying trips very efficiently in order to prevent street waste. The size and lovely design were also two important reasons for the city to choose the Ultra Fill 120Little. 

 In any case, Roosendaal is completely ready for the Carnival celebration. Of course we hope for a nice amount of litter IN the bins, in order to minimize the amount that ends up on the street. We wish the city lots of fun!


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