Overloaded waste bins in nature reserves

Hiking has become increasingly popular in several countries since the beginning of the corona crisis, and this is often combined with picking up a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. In forests and other natural areas, municipalities are seeing more and more waste streams. Cups, packages of drinks and bottles lead to overflowing waste bins and litter. Restaurants are placing multiple waste bins which is not better for nature’s image and the environment. Also, birds and insects like to perch in the waste bins to look for food scraps, this is a well known problem that causes litter. Emptying the extra waste bins also involves extra costs which means that at the bottom of the line there will be a larger number.


Where within cities Mr. Fill smart waste bins are already widely used, the natural areas in many municipalities are not yet smart which creates problems like the ones above. Mr. Fill’s compacting waste bins solve these problems through the:

  • Smart lid: Due to the smart lid, birds and other insects have no chance to enter the bin because it closes automatically after each insertion;
  • Smart sensor: The smart sensor uses a high quality laser to accurately determine the degree of filling, regardless of the type of waste. This allows a more efficient route to be planned resulting in 75% cost savings on waste collection costs, even within natural areas.

The smart waste bin from Mr. fill is also self-sufficient: The bin can be placed anywhere and no power supply is needed because it runs on solar energy; so perfect for a nature area!

Making nature areas and footpaths smart is what Mr. Fill likes to do like at the Waaldijk in Brakel.

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No litter and less costs.

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