Efficient Waste Management in Chester City Center

In the lively heart of Chester, a significant change in waste management has taken place under the leadership of Salty Siteine, Infrastructure Team Leader at the Cheshire West and Chester Council. Since 2016, the council has implemented innovations that not only improved the approach to waste but also enhanced efficiency and cost savings.


Cost-Efficient Solution

In 2016, the council transitioned from traditional to compacting solar-powered waste bins with larger capacity and innovative compaction features. For Siteine, this represented a practical approach to daily challenges. “Solar compacting waste bins serve us better due to their larger capacity, reducing the frequency of emptying. This is cost-efficient for us,” says Siteine.

Fewer Bins, Less Waste

By strategically deploying 240L solar compacting bins in well-known hotspots, the team could focus on other aspects of the city without the burden of frequent bin emptying. “We used to have to empty regular bins five times a day. Now, especially in hotspots, once a day is sufficient,” explains Siteine. The reduction in the number of bins also streamlined operations, allowing for a reduction in personnel needed for bin emptying.

Smart waste management in Chester city

Key Features 

A useful addition to the self-compacting waste bin is the remote locking capability, enabling the council to efficiently manage the bins without being on-site. “The integrated ashtray was a good improvement. The fact that it’s included in the waste bin enhances both the appearance and functionality,” emphasizes Siteine.


With limited financial resources, the council opted to lease the waste bins, including a 7-year plan with 2 years of maintenance. This approach provided access to modern technology without significant initial investments. “Maintenance is included in our lease agreement. Mr. Fill performs maintenance twice a year, which is convenient and aligns with our sustainability goals,” explains Siteine.

The implementation of the solar compacting bins, especially during busy periods like Christmas, has had positive effects. “As we approach the Christmas season, using electric bikes for maintenance helps with both efficiency and supporting the local economy,” says Siteine.

Smart waste bin in Chester city

Smart Steps Towards Future

Salty Siteine’s pragmatic approach to waste management in Chester City Center serves as a model for other cities. The transition to solar compacting bins, combined with smart leasing and targeted maintenance, has not only improved operational efficiency but also contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable city. A step towards smarter and more environmentally friendly city living!

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