Big tender won in West Lothian Scotland

After a test of 3 months, Mr. Fill is selected as the winner of this tender and we were able to deliver 73 Ultra Fill 120L Little. Of course, we have put these bins in a black/gold look; the colors that are an essential part of the streetscape for England and Scotland!

Why did West Lothian choose the Ultra Fill Little?
– There was the desire to use a waste bag inside the waste bin. The metal inner container of the Ultra Fill 120Little was found to be more convenient than a wheelie-bin;
– The locations of the waste bins are difficult to reach, so a smart, solar compacting bin was a great solution. This allows them to schedule emptying trips efficiently;
– The Ultra Fill 120Little are made of very robust and sturdy material, making them resistant to the harsh weather conditions in Scotland.

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to make a nice contribution to a cleaner West Lothian Council with our Ultra Fill!

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