No litter and less costs

That is the mission of Mr. Fill, a smart solution for waste collection in public places.

About Mr. Fill

Right from its beginnings, Mr. Fill has been dedicated not only to product development, but to innovation and technology as well. We want to be the solution for every smart city in fighting against litter worldwide. To do this, Mr. Fill manufactures smart systems for both above ground and underground. Furthermore, we offer sensors to cities and towns so that they can make their existing waste bins smart. Based on all the data that is logged by the sensors, the Smart City Manager platform can advise cities on where more or less waste bins are necessary, or when the bins need to be emptied. Our premises are fully powered by solar energy and Mr. Fill is doing his bit for a sustainable environment.

Waste (and litter) are part of life in towns and large cities. Waste collection in a city like Amsterdam can occur up to 5 times a day in a street with regular waste bins. This means that there is 5 times more traffic when it comes to emptying a regular bin. Mr. Fill’s smart waste bin solves these problems. Thanks to its solar-powered built-in electronic compactor, it can process five times more waste than an ordinary bin. Via the mobile network, the bin itself sends a signal to the Smart City Manager when the bin is nearly full. Cities no longer need to store spare bins in the neighbourhood. They can empty bins less frequently, and at just the right moment. As a result, there is less litter, fewer CO2 emissions and cost savings of up to 75% on waste collection. The bin can even be locked remotely. That can save a lot of trouble during New Year’s Eve, for example.

Quality is of paramount importance to Mr. Fill. This is why we have the entire production process from A to Z in-house. We have a high-tech factory of 10,000 m2 which ensures that there is enough capacity to deliver the best quality. Because of our strict quality standard and control, we are able to meet the demand and respond to specific customer requirements. Are you curious about our production process? You are always welcome to make an appointment.