Heavy Harry is increasingly in demand due to the growing household waste problem!

Household waste
Mr. Fill recognizes that more and more municipalities are suffering from excessive household waste. The standard underground containers quickly become full or there are not enough underground containers installed for the amount of household waste that a neighborhood produces. This is an eyesore for residents! Mr. Fill has the solution: an underground compactor module called the Heavy Harry.

The Heavy Harry
Fortunately, there is a solution to the excessive household waste and Mr. Fill has developed the underground compactor module to be installed in both new and existing underground containers. Mr. Fill is proud to offer municipalities a product that provides the solution to the household waste problem. With compaction of 1:5, municipalities get some more air and will be able to keep the household waste problem under control. Last week another Dutch municipality was equipped with 7 Heavy Harry systems and Mr. Fill is currently working hard on the next orders for the underground systems.

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