Mr. Fill smart waste bins lease, rent, or buy, which is the best choice?

At Mr. Fill, we’d like to help every municipality manage their waste streams and make it easy for residents to dispose of their waste in a pleasant, hygienic way. Sometimes there is ample budget available for this, while in others it may not be as obvious. To still offer a suitable solution for each municipality, there are various forms in which we offer our bins at Mr. Fill. So every budget can put smart bins to keep the street and environment clean!

The different options and when to choose them
Of course, you can purchase our smart waste bins. In addition, we also offer the option of leasing our bins or renting them temporarily. Below we describe for each option how it works and when you choose that particular option.

  • Purchasing smart waste bins
    If possible, buying is always the most economical option. There must be room in your budget to purchase in one go. You are then also immediately the full owner of the new bins. There are therefore no ongoing costs associated with your bins when you purchase from us.
  • Lease
    Do you desperately need the waste bins, but perhaps have a bit less budget available? Then you can also choose to lease from our Smart City Lease. This is possible in both an operational-lease and financial-lease form. The table below briefly shows the differences between both lease forms. For a fixed amount per month, all costs are covered and you do not have to make a large investment beforehand. You can then save immediately with your smart and efficient waste processing!
  • Rental
    Finally, it is also possible to rent Mr. Fill’s waste bins. This can be done for both the long and short term. Renting is ideal when, for example, you are facing a remarkably busy period in your community, or when a major event is planned. You can then purchase the required number of waste bins from us on a rental basis. At the end of the rental period, we will collect the bins. For a monthly rental fee, you are also relieved of the installation and maintenance of the smart litter bins. In this way, you have extra capacity, without being tied down to anything. 

The benefits of our smart waste bins
At Mr. Fill, we produce smart waste solutions that help keep the environment clean and tidy. Smart, because all our bins (can) be equipped with a smart sensor. This makes it immediately clear in our convenient Smart City Manager how full a certain bin is, you always have access and insight and you can even lock the bins remotely! Many municipalities and cities have already opted for our smart waste bins. Think of London, Amsterdam, and Antwerp. Will they soon be in your area too?

We are happy to help you
Do you have any questions about Mr. Fill’s smart waste bins or which purchase form is best for you? Please contact or request our brochure. They will be happy to help you find the best solution.

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