Municipality Brussel

“The City of Brussels switched to Mr. Fill’s solar compacting bins in 2016. Mr. Fill was the right choice for the City of Brussels based on several aspects. The solar compacting bin features a sturdy metal casing, a well-functioning rubbish disposal system (in comparison with a hopper design, which can get jammed), good after-sales service, the option to lock the cover and a receptacle for cigarette butts. For the City of Brussels, saving money was not one of the priorities when making the purchase. It was merely about being able to get rid of a greater volume of rubbish in the busy streets of central Brussels. And it was clearly noticeable that the Mr. Fill’s waste bins were the only ones that didn’t fill up too quickly. The bins were immensely valuable during this time, as people ordered a lot of food to go with the nice weather. The waste bins were working overtime as a result.”

Bruno van Wijnendaele, Head of the Technical Department, Brussels.