Smart waste bins with a new look!

For more than 2 years now, the municipality of Terneuzen has been using Mr. Fill’s solar compacting bins. The municipality of Terneuzen is fully equipped with 240L smart waste bins, but in addition, the municipality also makes full use of the Quattro Fill containing our Sensor Fill. In total there are in variation 40 machines from Mr. Fill throughout the municipality of Terneuzen. The bins can be found at the Basalt Promenade, the Creek, and the shopping center of Terneuzen.

Last week Mr. Fill received these great photos from Street Graphics Advertising. The municipality of Terneuzen wanted to give the smart waste bins a new look.

The look of the solar compacting bins provides an extra incentive in the fight against litter. The wrapping of the litter bins has been chosen on the basis of the environment to make them stand out in the streetscape in a striking but attractive way. Discarding litter is becoming more and more fun and interesting, as evidenced by all the positive reactions from Mr. Fill, the Municipality of Terneuzen, and Street Graphics Advertising. Not only does the look provide a stimulus, but the smart litter bins are also equipped with a sound module. This means the public is actually being spoken to, which should stimulate them, even more, to throw their rubbish in the solar compacting bins.

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