Clean coastline of Le Havre thanks to solar compacting bins

The idyllic French coastal city of Le Havre has always been a magnet for tourists and sea lovers. However, with its expansive coastlines and vibrant boulevard, Le Havre struggled with an effective waste management system. Controlling litter and emptying overflowing bins seemed like an insurmountable task. But since the arrival of 33 (soon to be 85!) smart, self-compacting solar-powered waste bins, this chapter is a thing of the past.


Inefficient Waste Management

Several factors contributed to the waste problem. The ‘old’ bins were open, literally inviting the numerous seagulls, resulting in litter strewn across the entire boulevard. Moreover, these were not smart or solar compacting bins, leading to a lack of insight into the waste situation. Add to that the long distances for (often unnecessary) emptying, and you have a recipe for inefficient waste management.


Effective and Cost-saving Waste Management

We had a solution. Since the installation of our 33 solar compacting bins, there has been a significant change in Le Havre’s waste management. These bins have not only made waste management more efficient but also enabled a new level of control. The main advantage is their ability to compact waste, accommodating 5 to 7 times more waste than regular bins. This reduces the number of emptying significantly, as well as the collection costs. Additionally, the bins are equipped with a closed stainless steel lid, preventing animals from accessing the waste.


Smart Technology

Another crucial aspect of the new bins is the integration of sensors and connectivity with the waste management system. This technology provides real-time insight into the fill levels of the bins, allowing the municipality to plan emptying routes accurately. As a result, only bins that are actually full are emptied, leading to significant cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions from collection vehicles.


Clean Coastal City without Litter

The impact of these smart waste bins at Le Havre is huge. The streets are cleaner than ever, the boulevard is tidy, and the municipality finally has control over its waste management.

And here’s some exciting news: an additional 52 waste bins will soon be added to the streets of Le Havre.

By efficiently collecting waste in even more locations, the clean streets will spread like wildfire. Le Havre is ready to welcome enough tourists and beach lovers during peak season!

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