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Refund Fill

Promoting a circular economy requires innovative solutions for sustainability. To contribute to this purpose, Mr. Fill and Impackt have decided to join forces. Both parties provide personalized recycling solutions tailored to the retail chains’ desired process, offering insights on how to handle waste and resources efficiently and responsibly.

What truly sets the Refund Fill apart is the seamless integration of live communication through 5G Data. Users can easily and efficiently manage their waste disposal by simply scanning their personal QR code using the deposit card or the Impackt app. The process is streamlined and intuitive: products are scanned, the type is recognized, and the transaction is completed with a push of a button.

Technical data

Refund Fill

Dimensions (HxBxD)

1200x569x605 mm

Throw-in opening height

1005 mm


120 kg


Refund Fill

Barrell and cover 

Magnelis galvanized plate, 2 mm thick

Barrell and top 

Powder coating

Design opening


Standard options

Refund Fill

  • 120L rolcontainer
  • LTM-L1/LTM-NB 2G/3G communication platform
  • Compactor
  • Colour: RAL7016
  • 2 keys
  • Solar panel
  • Localisation
  • Display
  • Locks remotely via the platform

Extra options

Quattro Fill

  • Galvanised foot pedal
  • 4G communication platform
  • Stainless steel cigarette disposal opening + closed compartment
  • Personalized display (city/town logo)
  • Stainless steel design
  • Colour according to preference

Successfully used by

Tight budget? Lease a Mr. Fill

Smart City Lease is a leasing company specialised in making things easier for businesses and municipalities by offering lease contracts for our waste bins. A Smart City Lease can be arranged starting at €150 per waste bin per month. This covers the Smart City Manager and all of your worries are completely taken care of.

The advantages of Smart City Lease

  • Pay a fixed monthly amount that covers all costs
  • No big investments up front - costs are spread out
  • The waste bins are not included in the cost balance
  • Connected to Smart City Manager
  • Includes maintenance and damage costs
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