Transformations on Nice’s Iconic “Promenade des Anglais” with new Smart Bins

The iconic “Promenade des Anglais” in Nice has undergone a significant transformation to improve cleanliness and efficiency in waste management. Previously, there were 550 traditional bins along the promenade. These have been replaced by 60 ultra-modern Ultra Fill waste bins, which can hold 5 to 7 times more waste due to a compression mechanism.

Smart bins op de Promenade des Anglais

Smart Bins with Sensors

The new Ultra Fill 240L bins are equipped with sensors that measure the fill level. These sensors send real-time data to the waste management center, allowing for efficient scheduling of collections, ensuring they only take place when necessary.

Improved Waste Collection Process

These changes have significantly improved the work of the waste collection teams. The new smart bins are easier to handle and quicker to empty, reducing physical strain and optimizing collection routes. This ensures the promenade is cleaned regularly and promptly.

Cleaner Promenade, Fewer Collections

Thanks to the larger capacity and smart technology of the new smart bins, the frequency of waste collection has been reduced to three times a day. Despite this reduced frequency, the promenade is cleaner than ever!

A Model for Sustainable Urban Management

The transformation on the Promenade des Anglais demonstrates how modern solutions can enhance urban life. By investing in more efficient waste systems, Nice has not only improved cleanliness but also set an example for other cities.

The promenade remains a vibrant, welcoming place for both locals and tourists. These improvements make it a shining example of successful urban planning and environmental management.

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