Rotterdam Introduces Smart, Solar-Compacting Waste Bins

Rotterdam marks a milestone as the 500th city worldwide to embrace Mr. Fill’s innovative waste solution. Starting from May 6, the city deploys between 100 and 550 smart, solar-compacting waste bins, known as the Ultra Fill. This ambitious initiative kicks off with 40 bins on the iconic Lijnbaan, with further rollouts planned for prominent locations such as the Markthal, the Koopgoot, and the Hoogstraat.

Slimme afvalbakken buiten in Rotterdam Slimme afvalbakken buiten in Rotterdam 2
The Ultra Fill is much more than a traditional trash bin. Thanks to its internal compaction mechanism, it offers an impressive capacity that is 5 to 7 times greater than that of standard bins. As a result, the bins need to be emptied far less frequently, leading to significant savings on waste collection costs, transportation expenses, and a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

Control Over Waste with Smart Trash Bins

What makes the Ultra Fill truly revolutionary is its connection to the ‘Smart City Manager’ platform. By exchanging real-time data on the bins’ fill levels, emptying routes can be efficiently planned. This avoids unnecessary trips, saving costs and reducing environmental impact.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Ultra Fill offers a range of advanced features, such as the ability to remotely close the disposal flap, add personalized sounds to encourage proper waste disposal, and receive service notifications. This innovative approach gives the municipality of Rotterdam control over its waste management and takes a significant step towards a litter-free city and a cleaner world.

Active in Over 30 Countries

The rollout of the Ultra Fill marks an important milestone for us. For Rotterdam, this is also a first, as the 45th municipality in the Netherlands to welcome Mr. Fill as a partner in their pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Smart waste bin in Rotterdam

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