Market Leader in Solar Compacting Waste Bins Along the Coast

From the snowy fjords of Norway to the sunny beaches of Portugal, our solar compacting waste bins are the unrivaled choice for coastal municipalities striving for a cleaner and more sustainable environment. But what makes our waste bins so special, and why do so many coastal municipalities choose us?

Outdoor waste bins along the coast in Nice

Durability and Weather Resistance

Our Ultra Fill waste bins are specifically designed to withstand the challenging conditions of coastal areas. Thanks to their durable coating and automatically closing lids, they remain protected from salty sea air, sand, and even curious seagulls. These innovations ensure that waste stays secure and odor-free, keeping beaches clean and attractive for visitors.

Smart City Management Integration

One of the greatest advantages of our waste bins is the integration with our Smart City Management system. This advanced system offers real-time capacity measurements, allowing waste managers to know exactly when the bins are full. This results in a significant reduction in collection rounds, saves costs, and reduces CO2 emissions. This smart management ensures that coastal cities can operate more efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Smart City Manager

Protecting the Environment and Enhancing Visitor Experience

By keeping beaches and coastal areas clean, we not only contribute to environmental protection but also enhance the experience for both visitors and local communities. Clean beaches attract more tourists, which in turn brings economic benefits to coastal municipalities. Additionally, local flora and fauna are protected from litter, contributing to healthier coastal ecosystems.

Slimme afvalbak aan de kust

Clean Coastline for the Future

Our solar compacting waste bins are more than just waste bins. They represent a step towards a more sustainable and cleaner future for coastlines. With their robust design, smart technology, and focus on sustainability, they are the ideal choice for any coastal municipality that takes the environment and visitor experience seriously. By choosing us, municipalities are investing in a clean, green, and attractive coastline for the future. Say goodbye to rubbish on the beaches!

Smart waste bin along the coastline in Noordwijk

Learn more about our smart waste solution

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